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With … con tatto DA MOTUS! presents a gentle meeting with the audience, a research of empathy to enhance delicate corporal contact and to react to the increasing feeling of fear and suspicion spreading in urban area by a sensitive and playful approach.

8 dancers play with the architecture, with each other and also with the spectators. The show leads to amazing physical connections and astonishing positions, which show the beauty and emotion of being physically connected. Gradually the dancers start to approach and involve the audience and the passers-by. Tactfully they get in touch and respectfully involve them too. At the end the dancing grows to a merry ball in which the barrier between dancers and audience almost disappears to become a shared, spontaneous and joyful choreography.


"Da Motus! made … people happy and brought them to dance. Culture officials of the Municipality were all enthusiastic." (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hardeck, CEO Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz 2013)

"… a really wonderful piece … you all worked so beautifully with the audience and the architecture to create some real magic." (Angus MacKechnie, directeur artistique du National Theatre à Londres et Watch This Space Festival 2012)

"No urban furniture escapes from their pranks … everything gives cause for contact and poetry." (Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace 03.05.2010)

"... con tatto proved a beautifully crafted performance and your own commitment to developing it to complement our site meant it was the perfect way to bring to life our festival, which celebrates the urban and built environments ... The performance has left a long-lasting impression and was received with adulation by audiences here. I will not forget it easily." (L. Mullings, organisatrice du London Festival of Architecture / Arts & Events Canary Wharf 2010)

"… and the magic takes place : those spectators, at first set, enter gradually into their dance … a touching metamorphosis … This performance was one of the highlights of the Contemporary Dance Festival Neuchâtel." (L'Express 13.07.2009)

"Highly creative ... A wonderful, very sensitive encounter with the audience." (S. Sahling, directrice du Ludwigshafen Theaterfestival 2009)


idea and artistic direction

Antonio Bühler, Brigitte Meuwly


Antonio Bühler, Brigitte Meuwly, in collaboration with the dancers


Brigitte Meuwly, Déborah Hofstetter, Dominique Cardito, Ismael Oiartzabal, Maelle Desclaux, Marco Volta, Martina Hajdyl Lacova, Tae Peter, Vanessa Lopez


Philippe Héritier


Brigitte Meuwly


DA MOTUS!, Nuithonie-Fribourg in the frame of „RésiDanse fribourgeoise“, Festival de danse Scène Ouverte Neuchâtel, Internationales Strassentheater Festival Ludwigshafen


Department for Culture Canton Fribourg, Loterie Romande, Coriolis Fribourg, Pro Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland, CORODIS, Municipality of Givisiez


Date Place Infos | reservation
Auvernier - Switzerland Festival Hiver de Danses (2x)
Vevey - Switzerland Fête de la Danse 2015
Basel - Switzerland Tanzfest - Fête de la Danse - Basel
Alexandria - Egypt 2nd Backstreet Festival
Alexandria - Egypt 2nd Backstreet Festival
Bellinzona - Switzerland 5. Festival Performa
Locarno - Switzerland 5. Festival Performa
Genève - Switzerland Fête de la Danse 2014
Fribourg - Switzerland Fête de la Danse 2014
Fribourg - Switzerland Fête de la Danse 2014